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Meet the team


Ruth Wilson is our sales team leader; she has a great sense of humour. Ruth has acquired the knowledge to sell and train sales staff as she has come over from our gardening teams. Ruth is a very thorough she is ex armed forces and holds her s.i.a body guard licence, her nick name is officer goof. Ruth loves pets and talking the ears off people.


Jess is currently working on our gardening team 2. We acknowledge that Jess is a bit of a brain box so there for she is currently working towards becoming our general manager in the near future. Jess is a perfectionist and is obsessive about doing things right. In her spare time she Jess plays ice hockey for great Britain.


Sean has come to the company with 8 years' experience in gardening and horticulture, He possesses many qualifications including his nptc safe use of pesticides. Sean has worked for his father in horticulture and has also run his own gardening business for several years. Sean is a really likable laid back guy, in Seans spare time he is a lead singer and drummer in a band.


Phil has worked for us for two years now he started off on work experience and soon proved his worth to the company. Phillip now has lots of l lawn treatment experience and has acquired his nptc safe use of pesticide certificates. We value Phillip and respect him for his constant commitment and reliability. Phillips motivation is his five year old son Junior.


Ray Is our most experienced gardener if they do a certificate in it he has one? Ray loves grounds keeping that much he even helps out his local golf course in the little spare time we give him Ray is the man that works late ensuring that he gets the job done. In his spare time he loves playing golf.


Stephen terry works on our Newcastle Sunderland sales team. Stephen is a well-educated, smart very well spoken gentleman; all of our customers seem to remember him. Stephen is very polite and is very analytical he makes sure that the I`s are dotted and the Ts are crossed. Stephen cares for the environment.

The Owners


Darryl is the ideas man he is always thinking of new ways to separate ourselves from the competition whilst pushing the business forward and making sure we stay ahead. Darryl is very creative and is responsible for ideas like the gardener's mobile card terminals, and the free aeration and scarification. He has over 10 years' experience in both sales and gardening he holds his nptc safe use of pesticides certificates. Darryl does a wide range of jobs in the company such as gardening, selling, working in the office. He is an extremely motivated committed family man who wants the best life for his kids.


Sarah works as the receptionist, when you phone in she is the lady that you speak to. She is always happy to help the customers and always pushes the customer's views and suggestions forward to improve our services. Sarah wants to get everything right as if anything goes wrong she is the one to take the flack, She has the hardest job of all running a thriving business whilst been an excellent mother.

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